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Mission of creating ecotrail

According to the global nature of the negative aspects of the impact of mass tourism on the environment at the UN Conference in Rio - Rio de Janeiro June 14, 1992, 182 countries adopted the concept of sustainable development «Agenda 21 ". It became one of the main in various industries, particularly in tourism. So at this point it is extremely important studies concerning the new direction of recreational activities - ecotourism.

The purpose of the article - to uncover the meaning ecotrail as one of the most of environmentally recreational activities in a large city in the example ecotrail in Pushcha-Vodycia.

Ecotourism is travel, that has organized and carried out in such a way as not to disturb the natural balance of ecosystems, landscapes, or depletion of tourist and recreational resources of the territories, which visited. The emergence of ecotourism is connected with the emergence of new needs in the knowledge of nature and the need to respect of resources of the environment, creation own contribution to their conservation. More and more people are trying to relax far from the polluted cities in the corners with respect to the fixed and unspoilt nature.


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