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Features recreation in the city

Today there are extremely actual studies concerning ecotourism, namely the development of eco-trail , the main function of which is not only rest and recovery , but also environmental education .

The analysis of scientific publications has shown that the development of number issues about the topography of the park "Theophany" and its landscapes, the research of species and cultivated plants , making the plan for plantations and assessment of their condition have engaged by J.O.Klimenko. He is the leading researcher of NBP them N.N. Grishko NAS of Ukraine. These issues are described in his article "The conception of reconstruction of the park's plantations " Theophany "( Kiev)." However, specialized studies of recreation within the park have practically never been engaged . The aim of this article is to analyze the value ecotrail as one of the most nature saving recreational activities within the park "Theophany."

Ecotourism , with its huge recreational and cognitive abilities, must to form public consciousness of the protection and rational use of natural resources , to convey to the people the importance of environmental issues . It allows to reduce the negative impact of mass tourism on nature, promotes augmentation of natural resources not only through environmental education and training , but also with the funds, that  comes from the income from ecotourism to address these challenges .

In the most general sense, ecotourism is a form of active recreation with environmental component. Tourists get from this communion with nature certain physical, psychological , intellectual and emotional health and safety margin , and nature while experiencing minimal impacts, and the locals get social and economic incentives for the conservation of nature and traditional nature.


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