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Subjects of the articles.
What subjects of the articles should be?

1.On which subjects do articles take in the collection?

Theoretical and structural issues of constructive geography, geography of recreation and tourism, geography of Ukraine and geographic regional studies, rational nature using and conservation, international cooperation in the field of geography of recreation and tourism.

2.What sections does collection contain?

I Geography of recreation and tourism;

II Geography of Ukraine;

III Rational nature using and conservation of natural resources

3.Who can publishing in the collection?

The collection of the scientific papers is designed to highlight the scientific activities of the Department of Geography of Ukraine, Faculty of Geography,  Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Also for publication accepted  the results of scientific research students, graduate students, seekers, teachers and researchers of other universities in Ukraine and abroad.

4.Which scientific specialty papers should meet problems?

Professional focus of the collection 11.00.11 - Constructive Geography and rational using of natural resources.

Design of the articles.
Which design of the articles should be?

1.What are the requirements for the design of the articles?

The article should be framed in accordance requirment with HAC Ukraine and contain the following structural parts: formulation of the problem; analysis of recent research and publications and selection unresolved parts of  research problem; the purpose and objectives of the study; subject of study;  the main material; conclusions.

2.How much pages should article have?

12-24 pages